I'm trying to track down all 13 episodes from this great drama starring Tim Daly, it was shown on ITV in the early 1990's

"Norman and Suzie had been a part of each other's life for almost 25 years and viewers saw every bit of it in this flashback-laden series.

They had dated through high school and college, been married for 14 years, and, now divorced, were sharing responsibility for raising their two children, Anya (age 16) and Jackson (age 10). Despite the divorce, they still loved each other - they just couldn't live together without fighting.

Originally from New Jersey, they were now living in Los Angeles where Suzie was a filmmaker and Norman the program director for a rock radio station. The music is what usually started a flashback sequence. In every episode there was at least one point when either Norman or Suzie would hear a fondly remembered oldie and would transport back through time to some significant event in their relationship.

Other cast members included: Joey, Norman's best friend who was also Suzie's brother and both of the couples parents"