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    I'm looking for an early Channel 4 tv show - i think it was called "Made in Britain" there was these 2 cockney blokes, one was black and one was white, and each show was an hour long, a bit like minder (kind of)

    also was "Big Deal" (ray brooks poker/gambling tv series) ever released on video at all?

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    I don't have it myself but I think the show you are looking for is Prospects (1986) starring the late Gary Olsen.

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    What your looking for is film released by Film Four. Its stars Tim Roth in his first ever film and one of his best performances

    Hope that helps!

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    It wasn't Made in Britain as that was about a racist skin head who just happened to meet up with a black kid. As it was an Alan Clarke play, I feel it was more likely to be a BBC production. It was made in 1982, just when Channel 4 was being set up.

    Anyway, read the write up on IMDB and make your own mind up.

    Made in Britain (1982) (TV)


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