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    Quote Originally Posted by billy bentley
    Moor Larkin although I don't know the date at which Max Miller stopped performing, I'm fairly confident that Olivier would have at very least been aware of him. I always thought of Max as too low brow for Sir Larry, perhaps the point Olivier was trying to make was that he was not ?
    I've read that Larry did base his act in The Entertainer on Max Miller's, i loved Brenda in it also, she wasn't naturally 'kitchen sink', just someone who wanted to improve her lot in life, as with her character in 'Flame in the streets'.

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    As a lover of this type of Brit grit I have to say I was a tad dissapointed in this movie, everything in it is great except dare I say Olivier performance is slightly OTT for me, he does a good job but I just wish they had given that part to someone else

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingbman
    everything in it is great except dare I say Olivier performance is slightly OTT for me
    Watching Max Miller, I would say that Olivier is relatively restrained.............

    Max's blue jokes from 1947:

    Have you heard about the girl of eighteen who swallowed a pin, but didn't feel the prick until she was twenty-one?

    I was walking along this narrow mountain pass - so narrow that nobody else could pass you, when I saw a beautiful blonde walking towards me. A beautiful blonde with not a stitch on, yes, not a stitch on, lady. Cor blimey, I didn't know whether to toss myself off or block her passage.


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