Brit film director Iain Softley is responsible for many fine films including The Wings Of A Dove, K-Pax, Backbeat and The Skeleton Key. He still lives in Britain but works mostly in Hollywood.

In a recent interview Softley spoke out about the pressure he receives when making an American financed film.

Apparantly getting a film "green-lit" in America is now all linked to having the involvement of one of a small number of high profile actors.

As Softley believes, the truly odd thing is that there doesn't seem to be any statistical evidence that having those actors in your film is linked with box-office success.

Softley went on to say that he knew of a lot of casting directors that were frustrated by the fact that they had to choose selected actors for films or otherwise lose financing.

What a shame that the Hollywood powers that be do not spend more money on decent script writers for their films instead of so called star actors. That way we could possibly look forward to some half decent American films instead of the loads of rubbish they often force upon the public.