Maurice Ostrer might have chosen a better time to start slagging off the critics!

From 'Motion Picture Daily', April 14th 1948

"Charges U. K. Film Critics Are 'Bribed'

London, April 13.—The Critics Circle here has demanded a full investigation of charges that bribes from producers have been accepted by certain film critics on national newspapers.
The charges were made by R. J. Minney, former newspaper man, now a producer who has been associated with Maurice Ostrer, before the Royal Commission on the Press.
Minney, naming names which subsequently were deleted from the record, said the procedure is to suggest to a pliable critic that he prepare a preliminary treatment of a film. The recognized "bribe" therefor, Minney said, is $1,000.
The Critics Circle, demanding open hearings, has brought the matter up with the Producers Association, Screenwriters Association and the Film Industry Publicity Circle.