There are 2 films that I remember from my childhood but cannot remember the name of either one of them. Hopefully someone out there can help me out. Sorry if the details are a bit vague.

(1)It is an animated film about a young/teenage boy and girl, presumably brother and sister. They are on a beach and regularly dive in the sea. Near the beginning of the film, one or both of them create a dolphin figure out of sand on the beach. Later in the story they both go diving from a boat out at sea, and see lots of sharks. All I remember is that there are hammerhead sharks who sort of fight with each other. I saw this in the 1980s sometime.

(2)It is another animated film about a little girl. Either she owns the dog or it is just with her in the film, but the dog is a Saint Bernard breed of dog and he has a red barrel thing around his neck/collar. The girl is climbing a mountain trying to reach the top where there is a red flower with some sort of special magical powers. If I remember correctly, there are also a couple of baddies trying to get the flower before the little girl. I also saw this film in the 1980s sometime. The animated characters look like something drawn from Pokemon or that film called ‘Spirited Away’. I believe this is the sort of films made by Miyazaki.

Any help on either of these would be really good.