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    Quote Originally Posted by Third Man
    Always liked this one in some ways it seems to prefigure 'Local Hero'.


    you are right, I said something similar in the Local Hero thread.

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    I really enjoyed The Maggie but my sympathies are always with Paul Douglas .... he seems like such a nice guy it's a shame to bamboozle him like that.


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    This film is slowly working its way up my list and into my heart. It doesn't quite fit with the other Ealing Comedies, as it has a real edge to it and a couple of 'lump-in-the-thoat' moments.

    The two leads are superb in their parts. Paul Douglas as the Yank big-wheel who thinks he can achieve his goals by bombast and cash (but who slowly sees the light) and Alex McKenzie as the down-at-heel puffer skipper who ducks and weaves his way around the authorities and manages to appear both pathetic and wiley at the same time. Good 'quiet' acting from both.

    We've just watched this film (again!) as we ate our dinner, and it really does get better.

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