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    There are 3 Richardson books:

    Parker, Robert. Rough Justice: The Truth about the Richardson Gang. Fontana Books, 1981.

    Richardson, Charlie. My Manor: The Autobiography of Charlie Richardson. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1991

    Richardson, Eddie. The Last Word: My Life as a Gangland Boss.Headline Book Publishing, 2005

    Charlie had Rough Justice written whilst he was in prison but on reading it tried to get it stopped as he wanted a 'Charlie is innocent!' book. It is a superb book full of details of Charlies swindles as well as the violence and would make a great film.

    Charlies 'My Manor' absolutely reeks of Charlies arrogance...... 'I didn't do nothing except slap a few people who deserve it'. He sneers all the way through the book and you can tell this is a man you cannot argue with because he is 10000000% right.

    Eddies book reveals a lot of torture did take place....... this is denied in 'My Manor' and Mad Frankie Frasers books. Eddie claimed he had to take a lot of stuff out as friends said it was not fair to the family even though it was true. Eddie tells of when he was early teens they lived at the top of a block of flats. He had an Alsation which kept barking so Charlie picked it up and dropped it off the balcony to it's death!

    The film 'Charlie' was made with Charlies permission and says Charlie was innocent of most violence but they still show torture scenes that Charlie says did not happen to make the film more violent.

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    The Kemps were a bit ham I thought. Difficult to portray that real menace that the Krays managed to convey just standing and staring.

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    This is another film I have watched many times. I think it is really well done. Martin Kemp has been a favorite of mine since Spandau, but IMO all of the actors were superb.

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