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    One of my favorite films, The Chalk Garden, was mostly filmed at Borehamwood. Does anyone know anything about the house that was used for the filming? Is it still in use?

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    Memories, Memories. I use to love going to MGM working as a stand in or in the crowd on "The Prisoner" "Danger man" "Good Bye Mr Chips" on the back lot on "No Blade Of Grass" "Quatermass and the Pit"

    God bless Pat MCgooen and David Tomlin.

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    Happy days Jim......


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    I have a number of copies ( 1939-1959 ) of MGM's in house magazine the Lion's Roar

    could any one please let me know if they have any information about them.

    MGM had a cartoonist who signed his drawings Woody does any one know his real name.

    Many Thanks


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