Hi folks, PRIMITIVE LONDON, bizarre1965 British MONDO movie in the style of MONDO CANE is being shown at the BFI National Film Theatre in London on Setember 18th!!! It will be introduced by exploitation veteran, STANLEY LONG!!

Here's the write-up:

A rare chance to see a bizarre British example of a genre briefly popularised by the 1962 Italian exploitation pic Mondo Cane, and a distinctly odd, entertaining mixture of actuality and staged sequences ostensibly reflecting societal decay. While worthy narration moralises, the viewer can indulge fully in its sideshow spectacle of 60s London depravity. Once shocking, now quaint, it twists, turns and heads off on numerous unlikely tangents. In the mix are interviews with mods, rockers and beatniks; obscure band The Zephyrs; a baby's birth; a seedy re-enactment of the Jack the Ripper murders; flabby men in the sauna; sordid wife-swapping parties and more. Marvel at topless swimsuits. Learn the secrets of a Windmill Girl. See young Barry Cryer produce a coffee ad. Gasp as pop idol Billy J Kramer signs autographs for screaming teens, while faded star Terry Dene looks on. Discover the 'new breed' of comedians heralded by Ray Martine, heckled for attacking 'the Mother Country'. Plus chiropody. Strange indeed, friends. Step right up...

You can book tickets online at the BFI website - full details here: bfi | NFT | Projecting the Archive: Primitive London