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    New CD Release : LONDON TOWN (UK film, 1946)

    The very rare Decca 78rpm album of the film makes its CD debut...

    to delight the films many fans !

    Sepia Records/U.K. has announced its next release, for September 4

    in the U.K. (9/12, U.S.).

    From the website:

    LONDON TOWN (U.S. title My Heart Goes Crazy) & BONUS TRACKS

    (SEPIA 1076)

    Unique among British film musicals of the 1940's, Rank's 1946


    London Town was the first big-budget Technicolor musical to be made


    Britain. All the stops were out; the production numbers were

    elaborate with

    settings and costumes that far outshone anything made for British


    musicals before.

    Directed by American Wesley Ruggles with a score by Oscar-winning


    Burke and Van Heusen, London Town was filmed at Shepperton Studios

    with an

    all-star cast led by comedian Sid Field, who by 1945 was the toast

    of London

    's West End having starred in a succession of highly successful


    variety shows. Fourteen year old moppet Petula Clark, already a


    radio and variety performer, also featured, alongside Norwegian

    screen siren

    Greta Gynt, British Variety star Tessie O'Shea (affectionately known

    as Two

    Ton Tessie), newcomer Kay Kendall and the music of Ted Heath.

    British songstress Beryl Davis introduced the new Burke/Van Heusen


    which included "So Would I" and "My Heart Goes Crazy," as both

    herself and

    the singing voice of Kay Kendall. Much of the comedy material

    featured in

    London Town is drawn from Sid Field's West End wartime variety


    Strike It Again (Prince of Wales Theatre 1944) featured the golf


    which would be reprised by Field in London Town and is included on


    compilation as a valuable historical record of 1940's British


    The music of London Town was originally released on five 78rpm


    records in 1946 and holds the distinction of being Britain's first


    picture soundtrack album. This CD marks the first reissue of these


    recordings and the 60th anniversary of one of the milestones of



    To complement the London Town soundtrack we include Greta Gynt


    "Lady Spiv" (by Vivian Ellis), which she sang in the 1948 British

    film Easy

    Money, and Petula Clark performing her first ever commercial


    made for the Columbia label in 1949. Tessie O'Shea's commercial

    recording of

    "The 'Ampstead Way" is also included.

    The tracks:

    1. Overture (Salvador Camarata & Orchestra)

    2. You Can't Keep a Good Dreamer Down (Sid Field)

    3. Daffodil Hill (Salvador Camarata & Orchestra)

    4. My Heart Goes Crazy (Beryl Davis)

    5. If Spring were Only Here to Stay (Ann Sullivan)

    6. So Would I (Scotty McHarg & Beryl Davis)

    7. The 'Ampstead Way (Sid Field & Beryl Davis)

    8. Sid Field Plays Golf (Sid Field & Jerry Desmond)

    9. So Would I (Reprise) (Scotty McHarg & Beryl Davis)

    10. The 'Ampstead Way (Reprise) (Beryl Davis)

    Bonus Tracks:

    11. London Town Film Songs Selection (Peter Yorke & Orchestra)

    12. My Heart Goes Crazy (Ted Heath w/Jack Parnell)

    13. So Would I (Ted Heath w/Paul Carpenter)

    14. Wot Cher! (Ted Heath and His Music)

    15. The 'Ampstead Way (Tessie O'Shea)

    16. Any Old Iron (Ted Heath and His Music)

    17. Lady Spiv (Greta Gynt)

    18. Put Your Shoes On, Lucy (Petula Clark)

    19. House in the Sky (Petula Clark)

    20. Clancy Lowered the Boom (Petula Clark)

    21. I'll Always Love You (Petula Clark)

    22. Don't You Know That I Care (Beryl Davis)

    23. No One Else Will Do (Beryl Davis)

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    Yes, I'm looking forward to this. This is one musical where the songs far outweight the film! I did enjoy stuff like "So Would I" etc. But the film itself is very boring in parts, especially Sid Field's golf sketch. However surely this CD release proves it's about time the film had a DVD release? Especially since it has a significant role in British film history. Maybe someone who owns the rights will notice the CD release, and get off their backside!

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    Don't forget that there are two versions of this film - 125 minutes and 95 minutes

    (and only the latter has been fully restored, with good colour ...) .

    The versions are very different [for example, 'If Spring were Only Here to Stay (Ann Sullivan)' and the full length Daffodil Hill ballet only appear in the 125 min version]

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    That's true - wasn't the longer one only seen at the premiere? It certainly has more songs. If there was a DVD, the longer one should be on there.

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