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    This is one emailed in:

    The scene was set on a bridge over the Thames, perhaps Tower Bridge.

    The scene involved two characters. The man had lived through the Blitz. I am uncertain of his age at the time of the Blitz, but he was old enough to be out in the city to stand at or near the bridge used in the film and to watch the Nazi bombers laying waste to the East End. My recollection is that, at the time of the film, the man had become a governmental minister, I believe of some reasonably significant standing. If he was 10-15 during the Blitz, and had spent 20 years after the end of the War reaching his then present position of employment, he would be 30 to 35 years old at the time of the film. If he was 20, then he would be perhaps 40-45 at the time of the film. The girl in the scene is much younger than the man, perhaps 20 or 22 or so. I assume that the movie would not have been made to depict events except as those events could fit into dates and times of the actual past. Thus, from the end of the Blitz in 1941, at which time this female character may no

    t have been born, to the time she has reached the age of 20-22, and allowing a year or so for the movie to be made, I have assumed that the earliest the movie likely was produced was around 1965. As noted above, the outside date for me likely to have seen it was 1974.

    The girl was, to the best of my recollection, the man’s mistress. I have no recollection whether the man was married.

    In the scene on the bridge over the Thames, set late at night with little to no traffic on the bridge and no other people around, the man reminisces about his experiences during the Blitz when, as noted above, he (and others?) would stand there, or elsewhere, to watch the Nazi bombers, guided by the reflection of the moon off the Thames, fly up to bomb London in general, and the East End in particular. It is evident, by his somber mood, that this experience was a defining moment in his life. He then comes out of his almost trance-like description of those events and becomes acutely aware that the young girl standing with him, even if she is aware of the facts of the Blitz (and how could she not be?), appears to have had no personal experience with, and has no understanding of, his emotional connection to those events. The man was startled and embarrassed, shocked back into a world of reality, and the audience is persuaded to understand that, at that moment, he realizes

    that, perhaps other than sex, he has nothing in common with the girl and his affair with her cannot survive the gap of age and experiences.

    I have a vague recollection that, later in the film, the girl, despondent over the break-up of the affair, commits suicide, but this may not be accurate.

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    It sounds vaguely like a description of Waterloo Bridge (1940)

    - apart from some of the dates, but they could be mistaken about them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Crook
    It sounds vaguely like a description of Waterloo Bridge (1940)

    - apart from some of the dates, but they could be mistaken about them.


    Sounds very similar to Waterloo Bridge to me, too - except Robert Taylor was an army officer and seemed to be in uniform most of the time.

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    Waterloo Bridge also starred Vivien Leigh as the girl, Myra. It does being with an officer, Robert Taylor, stopping on the bridge during World War II and thinking back to when he was a young man in World War I. He stopped on Waterloo Bridge, and met a girl, a ballet dancer, running to an air raid shelter. The movie follows their star-crossed romance which does end in her suicide. It ends with him again thinking back on what happened to her. If not the one you were thinking off, worth a look anyway!

    Kat in the U.S.

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