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    name='Mr Pastry Time']Good old Stu Granger..How we love him here. Must keep my eyes open for a DVD of his Hound version.

    Taking about Peter Cushing..

    A couple of years ago I filmed the Peter Cushing exhibition which displayed many of his personal Hound of the Baskervilles items. A whole afternoon was spent admiring his personal items and also noted he was what seemed to be a highly principled man. My father and I ended the day with a visit to a cafe Peter used to visit and sat at his regular table.

    I met Peter Cushing many years ago when I did some work for Anglia TV ..... he was a charming man and really good company. He treated all the crew (inc me) with great respect.

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    Lovely story that and no surprise. He did come across as a real gent which perhaps endears him to us all so much perhaps. Dad sent me a video of Peter on TV when he wanted a rose named after his wife which was rather touching.

    Yes certainly one of the best…

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    i read his Autobiography years ago.a lovely man.

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