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    If 'Eros' - the three-director omnibus film, is still playing anywhere near you, see it!

    I only noticed yesterday that it apparently had it's first commercial booking there 1-& 1/2 weeks ago. Whereas it's been available in US on video all this year, I believe.

    A word of caution, whether you see it celluloid-ally or digitally:

    The first episode, Wong Kar-wai's 'The Hand', is fully worthy to watch as a singular movie experience. Unless you're a Soderberg completest, or need to see everything ever created by Michelangelo Antonioni (however embarrassing and vapid), I'd leave the compilation after Wong's is over.

    'The Hand' runs 40min.'s+ ; Soderberg's piffle about 1/2 an hour; Antonioni's is mercifully the shortest, at about 20min.'s.

    You were warned.:

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    The UK cinema release date for EROS was 22 September 2006

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