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    Most of the audience are too young to be familiar with the original series, so will not be making comparisons .....and it seems to be perfoming well at the box UK, �12.5 million to date I read somewhere, so there might be an even more tasteless sequel to look forward to !

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    I find myself in partial agreement with orpheum - is it a first, I ask myself!

    From what I've read, it isn't a remake as such but could, if one were being kind, be seen as a modern sequel. I may take a look when it appears on our screens - but only because of Stephen Fry. Only one person is likely to make me go to the cinema again!

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    Sim was just pure class!

    Whatever role he played! I can always watch him, class, pure class!

    We've had some fantastic British actors in film but I'm not sure I'd personally put any above Ali........

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    Why do Idiots still try to cash in on films that cannot possibly be bettered .Classic films like this should be left well alone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer66
    Why do Idiots still try to cash in on films that cannot possibly be bettered .Classic films like this should be left well alone
    Like it or not, many of our beloved films from the black & white age of British cinema aren't what the young people want to see these days. While we think they're missing out, they want to see contemporary stuff and remakes like this offer a 'way in' for younger people. I just saw St Trinian's with my daughter who was then happy to watch the original even though she had never bothered with it before. She still enjoyed the modern one better but that's to be expected, but it did open another branch of British films for her, and she was delighted to see Sid James pop up in the original who has become something of a favourite for her, I'm hoping an appreciation of the great Alistair Sim will follow.

    These remakes/re-imagings or whatever do serve a purpose as far as I'm concerned as they help the younger viewer get in touch British film history which can only be a good thing. For what it's worth I found the film to be an entertaining jolly romp which, while far from being perfect, went a good way towards trying to encapsulate the feel of British films of yesteryear.

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    I've not seen the remake yet, and will probably wait til it appears on tv, but that suggets it must have made a profit at the box office.

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    It had its moments.

    I personally loved the theme song

    Agree that no one will ever match Sim but pretty decent update I thought

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