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    Hey there! any other Armchair Thriller fans on this site?

    Still looking for half the series - if anybody can help me with ----

    - Rachel In Danger

    - A Dog's Ransom

    - The Victim

    - The CIrce Complex

    - The Chelsea Murders

    - High Tide.

    I would be eternally gratful. Get in touch if you can help and we can sort out a trade or something. Cheers.

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    does anybody have any copys of this

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    Anyone know? I remember this well. Some stories were made by Thames, others by Southern Television, the latter shot on location/film throughout.

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    Hi, I have A Dog's Ransom and High Tide, if anyone is interested ?

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    Anyone have any of the series not on the box set, the 60s episodes please

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    Add me to the list! Alas only two of the five episodes made still exist apparently:

    Out of an original total of 5 episodes, 3 episodes are missing.

      • 22.04.67 Will You Come A Little Closer? (missing)
      • 13.05.67 Depart In Terror (missing)
      • 20.05.67 The Snares Of Death (missing)

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    Here's the TVTimes preview for the last of those missing plays:

    Fortunately, The Division exists in the archives - but it won't make up for the loss of
    The Snares of Death. Alfred Burke & Alethea Charlton are 2 of my all-time favourites.

    From the same page (Playbill, by Sarah Snow):

    For his other appearance this week - in Stanley Miller's black comedy for Armchair Thriller, The Snares of Death - Richard O'Callaghan, as Rupert, sticks down his hair with a centre parting, the in-style for 1919 [!].

    Though not a style to do much for his chances today, Rupert attracts the boss's wife, Vera (Alethea Charlton), with whom he is having a secret affair. Rupert's boss is Harold Gabbitas (Alfred Burke) whose funeral parlour is shabby and whose business is bad.

    There is, one supposes, a limit to the custom an undertaker can drum up in a small town. But Harold plots a way out of his troubles with the help of a forged death certificate. Once "dead" and "buried", Harold expects to collect on his life insurance policy and escape to the sun. But the plan takes a macabre twist when Rupert decides to elaborate on the scheme.

    I wouldn't mind being "dead and buried" myself rather than go on being bitter about the loss of classics like this:

    Alfie played another dodgy undertaker in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), along with fellow villain Dudley Foster.
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    I didn't know there was a 60's equivalent - you learn so much via this forum

    I have the Chelsea murders (on Network DVD)

    I'd like to see more of them as I don't have the whole series

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    I have these Network DVD's:-

    Rachel In Danger - Della Low, Roger Booth, David Cook, Neville Jackson, Patricia Mason. Broadcast on ITV, February to March 1978 (94:23).
    The Victim - David Beckett, Lorna Charles, Steve Morley, Gerald Sim, Bernard Kay. Broadcast on ITV, January 1980 (73:22 + 74:09). Two DVD's.

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