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    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone name this 1950's film?

    All I can remember about it is Anthony Steel plays the role of a pilot, either for the RAF or an aircraft manufacturer. There's a scene where he has to deliver a jet fighter (DeHavilland Vampire 2-seat trainer or Venom fighter/bomber) to Egypt. Because there's a spare seat he invites his girlfriend/wife along for the trip, and they fly back in a Comet airliner.

    Sorry ... that's all that comes to mind right now. . I know it isn't "Out of the Clouds" (1954), as someone has just very kindly made me a copy of that one, and I don't think it's "The Sound Barrier" either, though I could be wrong (I frequently am).

    As always, many thanks for any and all replies!


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    I think it is The Sound Barrier, but it's Nigel Patrick...and Ann Todd, not Anthony Steel...

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