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Disney and Sony films often deliver the first new variants on copy-restrictive technologies, and those of us who make backups of our legitimately purchased DVDs don't always appreciate the new hacks needed to continue our practice of travelling with backups instead of 'the real thing'.

The latest...

THE BREAK-UP, the Jennifer Aniston-Vince Vaughn DVD. The main film's data files are located in a data-structure called "Unreferenced Files", and are those 'hidden' from DVD SHRINK. Using DVD FAB DECRYPTER 3.03 to copy this DVD to a hard-drive, this unorthodox data-structure is renamed into the more convention MAIN TITLE 1, 2, etc. scheme, and DVD SHRINK can then access those files for a proper backup.

Sony's 2005 BEWITCHED and Disney's FINDING NEMO had similar data-tree naming variations that weren't 'common' among DVDs, and the Break-Up is the latest "anti-copy" protection scheme that is basically a Rename construct.