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    Hi! I'm new here (can't find the introductions forum!). I suspect I may know some people here from the Powell and Pressburger Yahoo group...

    Anyhow, I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me find copies of the 2 BBC classic serials named above.

    The Talisman was a 9-part adaptation of the Walter Scott adventure, starring Damien Thomas, Patrick Ryecart and Richard Morant.

    Prisoner of Zenda was in 6 episodes, and the cast included George Irving and Jonathan Morris. It was shown in the US in 1986.

    To my knowledge, neither has ever been repeated, let alone commercially released. I should love to have the chance to see them again! I recall happily gathering with friends in my hall of residence to watch PofZ every Sunday afternoon in the winter of 1984. I was a schoolgirl when I saw The Talisman: its weird plot made me seek out the real story behind the characters (especially Richard Morant's character, who was one of the villains in the novel and series, but in real life was extremely heroic. And, in fact, blond...) And somehow as a result, I ended up as a mediævalist with a lifelong fondness for the real character... But that's another story!

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    Hello Doc,

    Sorry can't help you on this, but I do remember it. Something about Patrick Ryecart's eyes has always haunted me - so blue. And the name of the love interest, Berengaria.


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    Hi, Nick! No, Berengaria of Navarre was the Queen. Lady Edith was Sir Kenneth (Patrick Ryecart)'s love-interest.

    After seeing the series, I scuttled off to the public library (this at a time when my O levels were on the horizon), to cart off 2 vols of Runciman's History of the Crusades, because I figured Scott was probably on laudanum when he wrote the novel, it's just so odd... I still think so (I know he had been taking it just a few years before for a gall-bladder problem, and I wonder if he was addicted?). Indeed, it just added to the numerous reasons I have for hating Walter Scott when I realised that, not only could he not spell Conrad of Montferrat's name, but he had denigrated his character in a way that's been repeated by historical novelists (and even some historians) since 1825...

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