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    I've been a big fan of old British films since I was aged about 6, and later when I was 11 a documentary film was made at my school. I was roped in with four or five others to play the parts of school boys of yesteryear. We gladly jumped at the opportunity and happily missed quite a few lessons and it was quite enjoyable.

    The programme was directed by an oldish bloke who I seem to remember looked like a cross between Edward G Robinson and Michael Balfour. I didn't remember his name until recently so I looked him up today on good old IMDB and blow me if it's the same bloke he was assistant editor on some of my favourite films of all time including; The Ladykillers, The Maggie, The Titfield Thunderbolt, The Lavender Hill Mob. Passport to Pimlico and Dance Hall.

    If only I'd know at the time I would have happily grilled him about working on some of these films. How we take the Internet for granted these days when back in the dim and distant 70s we had limited access to virtually sod all information!

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    He went to work for Anglia Television and I think he now lives in Norwich.

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