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    As a child - about 12 or thirteen, I was used, along with several other children, as crowd extras in a film called John Wesley - or - The Life of John Wesley. It was made at either the National or Gate Studios in Borehamwood roundabout 1954-55Has anyone ever seen that picture. Also, is there anybody out there that may have been there at the same time as me? I do remember that as a group, we caused a bit of mayhem in the dressing rooms.

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    Is this it? John Wesley: DVD

    Product Description

    A re-release of the J. Arthur Rank historical classic made in 1954. This cinema drama follows the life of Wesley from when he was saved out of a burning house as a child and thereby marked for life as a ‘brand from the burning’. His Oxford days, a disastrous mission to America, his decisive Aldersgate experience, his bringing the Gospel into the daily lives of alienated masses, the founding of Methodism, and his astounding role in raising the moral and religious climate in 18th century England, and much more are set forth with careful dependence on the historical sources. John Wesley was one of the most influential ministers in all of Christian history, and this old but still potent film provides an excellent introduction to the major events in his life and the many obstacles he had to overcome.

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