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    I'm looking for these L. Olivier Films, pref. VHS, BUT, Will take whatever. I

    Can Trade for His "Dance of Death."

    "Temporary Widow" (1930)

    "Too Many Crooks" (1930)

    "Potiphar's Wife" (1931

    "No Funny Business" (1933)

    "John Gabriel Borkman" (1958)

    ""Moon & the 6pence" (1959)

    "Power & the Glory" (1961)

    "Male of the Species" 1969)

    "The Rehearsal" (1974) Greek

    Also, does anyone have:

    "The Scarab Murder Case" (1937) Wilfrid Hyde-White

    ANY Help re the above will be appreciated.

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    If you manage to find The Rehearsal, let me know, would love a copy of that!

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    i do have some of his early RKo movies but none of those on your list.If inyterested send me a PM

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