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    Good thread this. Saw John in the Sweeney last week,Trust Red, and very good he was too. Glad he is ok, maybe he should have gone on to bigger things but fine actor nevertheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornershop15
    Thank you, 'Actor' (Are you well-known yourself?). I can't believe John is aware of my contributions here. That's fantastic! I'll try and get those captures from The Saint and Department S done sooner rather than later. He will be pleased to know that his series Strangers is also available on DVD.
    I strongly suspect that "Actor" is John Ronane.

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    hope that John is still enjoying life and great to see him recently on the freeview channels in uk.
    John and the actor named earlier antony carrick they where acting at lincoln's theatre royal. they were in a fight scene in julius caeser. both swords although blunted had with the edge of the blade hitting each other created many jagged edges. even from the gods i could see the blood flowing down john's side as tony thrust the blade between johns arm and side, which had sliced along his side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornershop15 View Post
    A pity we can't discuss the play as if it was on last night. In fact, I've just found out this was broadcast NINE DAYS before I was born. But will I get to see it? John Ronane AND Susannah York? ARE YOU KIDDING? I'd love to see those two together. That'll be the day, thatllbetheday!
    Today's the day then!Included on Network's ARMCHAIR THEATRE: volume 4 - and very good it is too.

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