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    "Mightier than the Sword" is the name of an episode from this series on the Bible and Archaeology written & presented by John Romer in 1988. I still have six episodes, but accidentally deleted this one and will be much obliged if anyone can help me restore it to my collection

    Bob Morrow

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    I'd like to see this series as I'm a fan of Mr Romer, and I missed it the first time round. I'm reading the book of the series at the moment, picked up on eBay for a small amount.


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    I have got most of these, having been an RS teacher in a previous career. I Recorded it from Channel 4, in the days when the station was prepared to make the occasional serious programme about Christianity. Those days are long gone.

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    This series was released in full in the U.S. on NTSC video by a group called 'Films for the Humanities' that normally sell only to educators. PBS sold the tapes commercially to the public for about a year and half a few years ago and I obtained a copy. Copies of some of these tapes are still found on ebay at inflated prices.

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