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    Does anyone know what happened to actor BLAKE BUTLER ??

    He is born 1924. he started as a actor 1961 and retired 1981....

    see his filmography at:

    Blake Butler

    or see a picture of him at:

    Blake Butler

    hope he doing well and is alive ????

    Thanks for any Info in advance.....


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    Re: Blake Butler--according to Peter Sallis's autobiography, "Fading into the Limelight", Blake

    Butler (aka 'old shagnasty' 'bloody Wainwright') passed away some years ago. Butler is listed

    on page 207, along with other Summer Wine allumni, i.e. Michael Bates, who was the first cast

    member to pass on. Next listed is Blake Butler and then Rosemary Martin (Mrs. Partridge--the

    other librarian). While no exact date is given, it is known that Rosemary Martin passed away

    in 1998, aged 62. Since Butler predeceased her, 1997-98 is the last date he could still be

    living. Hope this helps.

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    No no disrespect to Blake Butler, but could this gentleman be responsible for the invention of two of the UK's greatest ever comedy characters? As in Inspector Blake and Stan Butler? Was he known to The Two Ron's, Cheney and Wolfe?


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