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    Anyone surprised by the casting for Barnaby's replacement??

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    I remember an interview with John Craven OBE in which he said that a house he once lived in in Oxfordshire was once featured in 'Midsomer'.

    He too loves the series.

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    name='Sleepin_Dragon']Anyone surprised by the casting for Barnaby's replacement??

    I was because he isn't a star name - although Neil Dudgeon is a fine actor. Then I saw the episode where they were together - from a distance they were twins! Walk alike, similar build.

    I'm guessing they have their eyes on the international market where Nettles isn't a household name and the actors are dubbed anyway quite often - some will hardly notice the change-over!

    Although, they might be confused by the Garden of Death episode from 2000 in which Dudgeon appears as a different character.

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