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    I am fortunate enough to have A Night At The Pictures.This was shown on BBC2 as a compendium edition of these programmes.They featured Hitch,John Longden,Mabel Poulton George Pearson and Michael Balcon among others with their experiences.They were turned into a 75 mins approx programme.I wonder oif anyone has the actual Yesterdays Witness programmes which were probably about 30 minutes each.They may contain material not contained in the compendium edition.I think that they were broadcast in the late 60s or early 70s.This was just around the time that VCRs were making an appearance.If any one does have these recorded please get in touch.If anyone is interested in A Night At the Pictures please send me a pm

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    The Yesterday's Witness series was the inspiration of the great Stephen Peet who died in December 2005. See the Guardian's obituary

    Obituary: Stephen Peet | Obituaries | Guardian Unlimited

    The series continued until about 1980, so you may well find one or two programmes that survive. I also have the programme you mention, and judging from its place in my catalogue it went out around 1980.

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    The Hitchock and Longden material notably was edited into 'A Night at the Pictures' (aired in 1977- 85 mins long actually) from a documentary film in the Yesterdays Witness series called 'Talkies Come to Britain' (aired in 1971- runing time : 49 mins) which was directed by Stephen Peet.. Photographer for the Hitchcock interview was Nat Crosby . He wrote a piece about it in his book A CAMERAMAN ABROAD.

    Since I'm very interested in Alfred Hitchcock I have a copy of both productions, and I can say that "TALKIES" is far better than "A NIGHT"(directed by Christopher Cook).

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