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    A friend and myself were reminiscing about this children's series set during the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685. Does it survive, and does anyone, perchance, have it?

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    Just found this while viewing Who's Online ('Guest'). You know that thread 'Your Most Chilling Childhood Moment On TV' or whatever it's called? The opening titles of this programme used to TERRIFY me. I think there was some dramatic music which may have added to my fear but it was the sight of the soldiers and the sounds of guns being loaded and firing that made me run upstairs to my room. I was seven in 1972 but my memory is of a Sunday morning showing slightly later. The guns were called Muskets, I've always remembered that, and ironically one of my first high school teachers was named Miss Musket.

    I came across a webpage a few months ago so I'll try and find the link for those who are interested. I have a feeling there was bad news about the show's fate, however.

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    Six years later, I can reveal Pretenders not only exists but is about to be released on DVD!

    Left to right: Curtis Arden, Frederick Jaeger, Elizabeth Robillard

    Network ON AIR > Pretenders: The Complete Series

    This is the webpage I was referring to in my previous post:


    The also-aforementioned theme tune:

    Pretenders_title_music.wmv - YouTube

    Coincidentally, Frederick is in two programmes I'm watching on DVD at the moment
    - Special Branch and The Doombalt Chase (another Children's Adventure series).

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