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    When I was at school I had a crush on Barry Gibb and I seem to remember the Bee Gees making a film called Cucumber castle but I don`t know if it was ever finished or saw the light of day.Can anyone help me with this.Also if it does exist can anyone tell me where I might find a copy,thanks.

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    The Cucumber Castle you mentioned was screened on Sat 26/12/70 on BBC2 at 1.30pm.It ran for 55 mins, and apart from 3 of the bee gees it featured-

    Eleanor Bron

    Pat Coombs

    Julian Orchard

    Frankie Howered

    Spike Milligan

    Vincent Price

    Barry and maurice Gibb were the main stars with other musical guests , Lulu and the rock supergroup Blind Faith.

    I was 8 years old when this was on but i know i didnt see it as we didnt have a tv that picked up BBC2 in 1970 when it was shown.

    Alas i dont have it myself but id like to see it as well.It was classed as a musical comedy.

    Hope this is helpful


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    H i Graham thanks for your reply it was very helpful.I don`t think my parents had bbc2 then either which explains why I didn`t get to see it.My son said he thinks he knows someone who might have it if so I will be able to help you out.

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    Wow, I'd love a copy of this for the Blind Faith performance!

    Please let me know if anyone finds a copy, Thanks....

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    I’ve got a copy of this, if anyone still needs it, feel free to PM me

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    Is Mr Pastry in it?

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