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    just wondering if anyone out there has seen this genuinly creepy british thriller,starring richard burton,dai bradley[kes],billy connolly[water!!]and dominic guard,i think its one of the last great british creepers of the seventies,if this was billy connollys first film he should be a proud man,he is perfect as the roving,banjo playing,gypsy biker,who decides to pitch camp in the woods next door to the catholic boys boarding school,run by puritanical head priest[burton],he befriends two pupils[bradley,guard],mindgames and murder ensue,nuff said.i dont think this has been shown on tv since about 1982,luckily my father in law taped it [i think he's still got it,although the last film i borrowed from him from that period disintigrated!!] i really do recommend hunting this one down,it went under the radar a bit,cant say iv,e met anyone else who has seen it or heard of it,which is a shame as all the perfomances are terrific ,a great film to see out a decade that

    produced such brilliantly creepy movies.great stanley myers soundtrack to boot!

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    'Absolution' gets a region 2 dvd release next month.

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    thanks,i,ll keep my eye out.

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    Wow so little mentions and soo long ago!
    Nice link here
    "was not particularly friendly with the extras: "Richard Burton was quite snooty to be honest. Nor really somebody you could go up and talk to."

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