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    Is this a mad idea? Well why not, surely there must be enough content to fill a channel? Financial support might be got from re-mortgage and loan companies and free money snake oil merchants.

    It could mix genres, era, film star seasons even foreign films (yikes!) have film star interviews (archive and contemporary), BFI discussion etc etc, even Jonathan Woss yakity yacking now and then.

    Unless I've lost the plot it seems odd that, with movies being essentially a mass market product, that the archives aren't opened up to mass audiences in this way.

    Someone please explain why this couldn't succeed when there are channels upon channels of minor interest tosh cluttering up Sky broadcasting?


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    The problem would be one of film rights and budget. Whilst the BFI have an impressive collection they don't own the rights to a great deal and by all accounts arts budgets are going to face cuts to fund the Olympics.

    Now, a Canal+ channel might be an interesting proposition; they've even extensive catalogue of old and new.

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    Of course, as Canal is French for channel, it would be the channel channel. That would appeal to our sense of word play

    And Mr Creosote, I trust you don't really mean that these should be on a Sky channel under the control of the Aussie/American. But that you're just using "Sky" as a way of saying "a satellite/cable channel". It's incorrect to call them all "Sky" but many people do.


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    Quite right I mean a satellite/cable channel rather than Sky - apologies but it was rather early in the morning

    I just think that there may be some profit in it for the broadcaster (as there must be for all the other companies that parade the current volume of tosh). Maybe if Canal+ felt this way too then we would be the appreciative recipients of their efforts. I mean, I could tolerate the loans for drones ads in exchange for access to their range and depth of films.

    Perhaps, they'd need a business case and assess the impact on sales etc etc but what better shop window could there be for their product? And it seems to work for all the others!

    Cheers m'dears!

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