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    name='Steve Crook']

    Just remember what I said, that if nobody understands you then there's not much point in saying anything


    Ru nt dwn wiv da kids in a txt spk mnnr? *folds his arms in a hip-hop stance*

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    name='DB7']Ru nt dwn wiv da kids in a txt spk mnnr? *folds his arms in a hip-hop stance*

    I understand "text speak", on the rare occasions it's used. Remember I work in the mobile industry

    But it's hardly ever used, especially since the advent of predictive text and phones allowing longer messages.

    It wasn't really used a lot before that either. But one Christmas, someone wrote a little book about it. One of those little books by the checkout in the bookshop.

    They could only find a few examples, not enough to fill even a small booklet. So they made up some more to pad it out.

    Then some journalists bought this book thinking that it was how everybody used text messages - and wrote lots of stories about it. And so a legend was born.

    But apart from a few simple abbreviations like GR8 for great, U R for you are and things like that, it's hardly ever used


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    hi gents

    i dont believe i ever heard someone play a regular tune like say... .."yes sir thats my baby "on the bag pipes.i just cant see it.i gotta hear strings ,drums in short

    a regular orchestra......but thats me.

    lenny (u no him better as COONSANDERS)

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