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    Ok this is all i can recall:

    It's a late 80's (i think) series, either British or Australian...

    A boy (or boys) visit their uncle (i think) who lives by a lake (or large pond) - on the other side of this lake lives a creepy old bloke whom they sometimes see staring out the window.

    Now, they often sight a weird creature in the lake (a bipedal seaweed covered swamp-creature...) and investigate in a small rowing boat.

    In this old creeps house they are sometimes confronted by these weird creatures and they also discover planetary models and long shafts leading out to the ocean...

    I don't think it was a long running series and remember it ending along the lins of one of these boys sliding down a shaft into the sea and confronting this alien species (or something of the sort)

    It's all rather vague but I cannot find anything via google or other search eninges and it's staring to knaw away at me like crazy!!!

    Thx for any hints,


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    I remember watching it,quite scary for a kids prog its called under the mountain

    "Under the Mountain" (1982)

    Heres a short clip.

    YouTube - Under the mountain

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