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    As a big fan of Actress Charlotte Bellamy, (Emmerdale's Laurel Potts) I am searching for any episodes of her year long stint in `Eastenders` circa 1996/7. She played character `Sue Taylor` who was the girlfriend of charactewr called `Matthew` I think? He led a religious sect who befriended character Sarah Hills! played by Daniell denby Ashe-i think? If anyone has any episodes featuring `Sue Taylor` as played by Charlotte Bellamy! I could supply DVD's SAE and all Postal and other expences plus!! Please contact on personal message if you can help! Be very grateful!

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    Dandy Desmond
    Looking for runs of episodes from the show's classic early years from 1985 to early 1990's.

    Have a long list of UK/UK screened tv to trade over a range of different genres, from kids to cops, sci-fi to soap, including titles such as Murphy's Mob, OOTU, Grange Hill, Prisoner Cell Block H, etc...



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    Dandy Desmond
    Still looking for early EE if anyone has them and wants to trade.

    All the best

    Dandy D

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    Hours of vintage Eastenders can be downloaded as torrents

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