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    I thoroughly enjoyed this, as released by Slam Dunk Entertainment via HMV. I'm not sure if it's possible to feel nostalgic about a time before I was born, but I tried imagining an updated version set at the time of the next coronation and found it a depressing thought.

    A question about the print: it was very clean, but the colour varied hugely. Some scenes appeared shot in greenish tint, others with very vivid reds. I believe the film was shot using Eastmancolor, which has a propensity to fade. Are there any better prints out there? The DVD box suggests it had been restored using state of the art technology. Didn't realise felt tips counted . . .

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    adeUK has long gone I'm afraid, but I thought I'd highlight a moment in the film where "vivid reds" are prominent:

    Was the one man band performer a well-known celebrity at the time, like Don Partridge a decade later?

    As for the "greenish tint", is this image a good example? Originally posted at Patrick Connor's thread:

    He plays Trooper Rogers, here introducing John (Colin Gibson) and Julie (Lesley Dudley) to Sir James (Wilfrid Hyde White).

    It was nice to see this film again, on DVD, so many years after my last viewing (circa 1984), when it was one of ITV's 'Monday Matinees' I think. Those were the days. They used to show good films then, like Three Cases of Murder and The Angry Silence. Thank Heaven they're on DVD!
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    I have a copy of "John and Julie" recorded from TVS ITV in August 1985 and the colour quality overall is far more natural than the Slamdunk dvd. Here are some screengrabs from both versions to compare. It almost looks as if Slamdunk went back virtually to a black and white master and colorised it from scratch. If anybody would like a copy of the ITV version I'd be happy to oblige.

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