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    John Boorman in a feature-length radio interview next Tuesday (16th June 2015) over on BBC Radio 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverwhistle View Post
    Excalibur has a wonderful ending, though: the boat with Arthur and the Queens sailing off into the sunset, with the Wagnerian soundtrack. Gets to me every time.
    Bang on. A lot of people hate the film but I've always been a fan since I first saw it on BBC2 when I was about twelve or maybe a little younger. Totally agree on the ending. The use of that particular score in the closing sequence really is incredibly emotional.

    Still I'll never be able to quite get my head around the fact that the same man who made this and even more so Deliverance was also responsible for the unequivocally catastrophic Exorcist 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Cairns View Post
    Interesting that he now acknowledges that ZARDOZ can seem silly, I should listen to the commentary. My point was that when he was making it (and EXCALIBUR and the truly ludicrous EXORCIST II) he obviously never thought for a moment that anybody would laugh, otherwise he'd never have made all those brave/foolhardy choices. Quite hard to get any convincing humour into an Arthurian movie, I guess, although Nicol Williamson manages to invest Merlin with considerable wit -- if it wasn't for him, the only laughs would be bad ones.
    I strongly disagree on Excalibur, it is never ridiculous and i really think the ridicule here is the result of a miscomprehension of the intention of Boorman. It is a verry reflexive film about the myth. Nicol Williamson wasn't left alone and clearly his witty interpretation of Merlin was something Boorman wanted. Merlin often act as a commentator of the action to create distanciation. The knight at the beguining of the film (especially in the episode of the sword in the stone) are clearly ridiculous and i think this too is wanted by Boorman (and again Merlin is his messenger). Maybe the castle of Camelot is desapointing, in a certain way it is antispectacular and that too is a choice of Boorman, the castle is seen for the time through the eyes of the young Perceval who is an idiot. And there is a lot of irony in this. And it's still ironic when Merlin beats Morgana in dream, her armour is i think deliberately ridiculous because Morgana is a bit riduculous again it's who highlight this when he mocks her "petty evil" she is a second rate witch when he is almost a god (or at least the incarnation of much more powerfull mystical force). She is the embidoment of decadence, decadence of civilisation and of myth (and Merlin himself is the myth in all this glroy that's why he returns at the end only in dream but still powerfull).
    All the most operatic sequence of the film, all the mot artificial element are here to represent the myth and they are in my opinion the best of the movie (like the final fight between Arthur and Mordred, yes it's outrageously red, dark, with bright armour and artificial sun but this is the only decent way to represent it and it is beautiful (also I must say that I love Opera).

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