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    I saw it during the late seventies I think - it involved a girl murdered and buried in the cellar of a house and her ghost calling out "Help me, Help me - pray for me" to the scared occupants, one of whom helps to lay her to rest by finding her body.

    Any ideas? It may well have been an episode of a horror series, I can't say for sure.

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    Maybe one of the "Thriller" episodes of the mid - 70s (?) They usually featured an American in the cast/plot/story line which made me suspect that the series was made with "Export" in mind.

    Was there an American character in the one you're thinking of?

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    Yes it sounds very much like the second show from the first series "Possession".

    Originally broadcast in April 1973 the story revolves around a couple, played by John Carson & Joanna Dunham, who having moved into a new home in the country experience supernatural disturbances.

    There is a great Thriller website & below is a direct link to the Possession page


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    There is no ghost in Possession. Can't be this.

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