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    I don't recall the title, most definitely english film very old - I only recall the starting and ending scenes: a black station-wagon going uphill, apparently towards a cemetery, the back door swings open and the case complete with dead body slips out to end in the lake - later someone fishes the body and has to hide it - then all hell breaks loose - and finally (closing scene) when all is done, the body ends in the lake once more! - it was a very funny film.

    Ring any bells?

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    The only film I can think of that is remotely like this is "Too Many Crooks", where they kidnap Brenda de Banzie in a hearse and the coffin falls out of the back.

    The other "snippits" are vaguely reminiscent of "The Naked Truth", where Terry Thomas is supposedly murdered and "launched" in a lake, but he was only drugged and survived.

    I don't think that's of much help, but..........

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    Agree with FB, it sounds like a mixture of two (Zampi?) comedies.

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