Hello all - first posting from me.

Just to say that browsing the site the other day I saw that someone was looking for the title of a british comedy from the 1940s that involved time travel and that it was solved as being "Cardboard Cavalier", a Sid Field movie. This is INCORRECT. Although Cardboard Cavalier is (unsurprisingly) set in the past, it is NOT a time travel movie and I am certain that the movie the chap was trying to identify is actually TIME FLIES, a Tommy Handley vehicle from around the same time. This definitely has a time machine in it and involved a trip back to Elizabethan times. I remember seeing it on TV a few years ago and being struck at the Dr Who links (an erratic time machine that is lost and has to be recovered, an eccentric old man who operates it). Today I can't find the original posting to put our friend straight so if anyone can help pass the message on I'd be very grateful. Thanks,