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    Isn't it about time that Ken Russell's totally OTT but mostly wonderful The Boyfriend got the full DVD treatment? There was an MGM classic musicals video in the 90s which was a much reduced version of the full masterwork but nothing since to my knowledge. A fully restored version with docs and commentaries is the least it deserves.

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    Too right - wouldn't this film look great on DVD - and Dolby 5.1 sound too, please? There are DVD copies from laserdisc floating around Ebay, but a real release is long overdue: one of my favourite British films, this one........


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    By coincidence I ran this the other night and was thinking that it's one of the gems that somehow never got the attention it should have done possibly because Ken Russell's darker works get most of the attention.

    Twiggy looks great - although she looks even better today - and there are so many nice performances - including the unbilled Glenda Jackson, Tommy Tune, Barbara Windsor, Georgina Hale, Murray Melvin - and all set in the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth where Russell later filmed the Elton John scenes for 'Tommy'.

    I'm sure Ken and Twigs could add an audio commentary. I could be happy with a DVD....

    mr cosmo

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    It would be great. When 'Tommy' was released on DVD a few years ago with instructions of how to listen to it in Quintaphonic Sound (!) , plus Ken's commentary, I thought this was the beginning of a Ken revival. Sadly, no more of his films (to my knowledge) were rereleased. So the 'Tommy' DVD was probably more to do with Stigwood/ The Who than the director's work. Would love to see 'Mahler', 'Valentino', 'The Rainbow' and even 'Lisztomania' restored and with Ken's commentary. Maybe we should lobby 'The Times' now he's got his regular editorial there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rskershaw
    Maybe we should lobby 'The Times' now he's got his regular editorial there.
    Er... what can 'The Times' do about it? I suppose if Murdoch bought a few more Hollywood studios this might work, but I don't think Fox owns any Russell films.

    But when Russell used his own column a few months ago to lambast Warner Bros for not releasing the restored The Devils on DVD...

    ...we're still waiting!

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