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    I own the complete series of Father Dear Father and I noticed that in the script (and in a couple of scenes) Patrick Cargill is shown to be living at 21 Ingram Avenue in Hampstead. I looked this up on multimap and it appears to be a genuine road on borders of Hampstead and Golders Green. I managed to actually find a picture of 21 Ingram Avenue on the internet and it appears to be the same house used in the series. (As an aside Ingram Avenue is meant to be one of the most expensive roads in the U.K. and No 21 sold for 3.9million in 2002.)

    I'm surprised that the actual location used for exterior shots would be mentioned on the tv and I wondered if anyone could confirm whether the house used in the filming really was 21 Ingram Avenue.


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    I can't remember what the house looked like in the FDF but number 23 Ingram Avenue was used as a location in The Saint and Gideon's Way. Where did you find the picture of 21?

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    Here! avenue/index.html

    That writing lark obviously paid well for Partrick Glover....

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    name='sidney']Here! avenue/index.html

    That writing lark obviously paid well for Partrick Glover....

    yes but that house that sold for several millions in 2002 probably cost him a few thoudand quid to buy in the seventies!!

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    I thought some of them looked pretty rough, maybe they haven't been done up from the 70's.

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