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    Hi , this is my first thread. I'd seen a recent one on the topic of Parkinson interviews. Besides wanting to see David Niven's first interview, it reminded me that there is a Niven documentary produced by Orange films that i've never seen also. Anyone know where its available?

    I live in Tenerife so a lot of these programmes pass me by....I have managed to track down and purchase this week from Film Australia a Merle Oberon documentary called The Trouble with Merle so i'm looking forward to seeing that.

    Finshing off back with Parky, i do have a lot of interesting transcripts of his best 70's interviews that were put into a special charity book for the Royal Variety - it includes the Niven one i'm interested in but it would be great to see the actual recording.......equally, I wonder if anyone has recordings of Barry Norman's Film Greats series..........well, end of first post, lets see if anyone is out there...'bye.

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    name='Rag']I live in Tenerife so a lot of these programmes pass me by

    A situation I would be happy to endure....

    PS Welcome Aboard!

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