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    From t'BBC:

    UK, C4 (TVS), Sitcom, Colour, 1984

    Starring: Robin Driscoll, Tony Haase, Pete McCarthy

    A curious comedy that blended sci-fi with parodies of soaps and adventure programmes, and with a dash of horror thrown into the mix. The writers and main cast were four people who worked under the collective name Cliff Hanger, and they developed the series from a stage production they had mounted in Brighton.

    The humorously exciting - and, frankly, bizarre - episodes were set in the (fictional) new town of Middleford, wherein materialised a curious attach� case and the mysterious Stranger, who might just have been an alien in human form, and where zombies roamed, liver rained down from the sky, twilight zones were entered and, when people weren't suffering from a migraine epidemic, they were liable to explode.
    Can anyone help, or have an idea where I might track it down?

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