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    Does anyone have anything from these shows that isn't commercially available:-

    The Tube


    Whistle Test

    Late Night In Concert

    Also looking for:-

    The Enchanted Castle

    The Feathered Serpent

    Saturday Show

    Ghost In The Water

    3-2-1 (shows from the first 7 series)

    80's Blue Peter

    Please PM if you can help. Have loads to swap

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    321 is currently being shown on the FTN channel on Freeview every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm if thats of any help to you.

    Dont know what series it is though? Black Lace were on last week

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    Hi Gumbo,

    Thanks for the info, I'll check them out

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    I have various excerpts recorded from the Tube and OGWT such as Public Image and Alex Harvey but nothing in the way of complete shows other than Ian Dury in Rock goes to College.

    Would love a copy of The Stranglers in either Rock goes to College or Sight and Sound in Concert.

    Best wishes


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    There was another show, based at the Riverside Studios, that featured some up and coming groups, such as the Birthday Party at the time that Junkyard came out.

    Someone I knew had recorded a music show from about 1982 that featured the now completely forgotten about Urban Shakedown. Bass guitar, drums and vocals - very early Drum n' Bass.


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