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Thread: Quadrophenia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadwasinflame View Post
    Be intrested to know where all the extras in fight scences came from Schools, or Equality , or were they all actors, and whereabouts the famous alley is , aalthough according to Ash in her book, it didnt happen, with daniels , not read his book (daniels so dont know his version) , but great seeing it again
    The alleyway is the first in the list of locations on the IMDb


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    Went up that very alley a few years ago when we did a walk around the locations and it is sort of a shrine for many today. Over the years it has seen a great deal of activity and has or did have many names engraved on the walls. Many of the Scooter boys you see in the film travelled all the way from the north to take part as extras and a few still recall the experience.

    On another tack I always thought Mr Pastry laid fame to being the first MOD in the UK riding a Brockhouse scooter in the 1950 film Something in the City and causing havoc?

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    i watched this for the first time in ages and the first time in HD and on a big flatscreen at a friends house the other night when it was on itv and the detail that suddenly came alive and the vividness just blew me away .

    even when this film was current and still shown in cinemas it looked a bit grainy .
    the vhs ive got of it lying about somewhere is equally so .

    i think it was one of those moments where you realise youve got to splash out and upgrade to the latest equipment
    i wish i hadnt watched it now !

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    I love the film despite the number of anachronisms in it, ok, I can forgive mk3 Cortinas and the like, but the scene at the party where Jimmy takes The Cascades "Rhythm Of The Rain" off the record player to replace it with The Who's "My Generation, which wasn't released until the following year to which the film was set in, was a rather large gaff! I was going to put oversight, but I bet Townsend insisted it was there in the first place!

    Some of the mod fashion is a bit askew, well certainly compared to what was worn in Nottingham, pork pie hats were shunned (mainly) and fedora style hats, think 30's gangster, were favoured instead.
    I recall being called a greaser (rocker) once in London in 66 when I was wearing a Levi jean jacket as well as my 501's! I couldn't believe it as so many East Midlands mods were all wearing the combo!

    Just watched it again on cable last week, and regularly view it on dvd, and I saw it when it first came out in 79!

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