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    Saw this last night. The plot outline is fairly predictable and Simon's Pegg's character,

    Dennis, isn't dissimilar to his appearrance in Shaun of the Dead. No gore unlike his two previous films so it probably appeals to a broader audience. The humour maintains a steady level throughout but never side-splitting.

    I haven't read what the critics think but I thought it was much better than some of the over-hyped, foreign, rubbish that was trailered before the film.

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    Pretty much exactly my response - amusing, amiable, undemanding but completely predictable. That said, Simon Pegg is exceptionally good at what he does in my opinion - in this case his everyman/loser bit - and is fast becoming one of those performers I look forward to seeing.

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    If its main idea was to make one laugh then it was a singular failure

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