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    Does anyone have any episodes of the ITV children's horror series Shadows.

    I think it was shown from 75 onwards for a couple of years and I would love to get hold of any if anyone has copies, particularly the one featuring Pauline Quirke, but I forget the name of the episode, cheers.

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    I can also help out with shadows if anyones interested,

    I have about 12 episodes :-)

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    Thanks to the kindness of a Britfilm forumite, I managed to get hold of 13 episodes of the 1970s ghostly ITV series for children, 'Shadows'.

    However, I still need a few, in particular THE OTHER WINDOW, a particularly memorable episode featuring a strange ornamental mirror/window that was placed on a garden window and allowed a glimpse into the garden's past ... and pretty scary it was, too

    If anybody can help me in my quest for this episode, I would be EXTREMELY grateful. These are the episodes I have, so if there are any others lurking out there: please shout!

    The waiting room

    The witches bottle

    Optical illusion

    The eye

    And now for my next trick

    Dark streets of Kimball�s green


    Silver Apple

    Dutch Schlitzs Shoes

    The Boy Merlin

    Time Out Of Mind

    The future ghost

    After school



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    Yes, as you can see here, I've been looking for 'the other window' for a while now, with the same success, i too have an identical list of episodes...

    Hopefully now the number of interested parties has swollen to two, we may build some momentum!!!

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    Count me in as number 3, I've been after that particular episode for years, I also wouldn't mind seeing the other episodes listed below:

    Dark Encounter

    The Inheritance

    Eleven O Clock

    The Rose Of Puddle Fratrum

    The Man Who Hated Children


    Fingers crossed at least some of them turn up eventually.

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    On the one hand I'm glad that others are looking for these episodes ... on the other, it's sad that you've had no luck.

    However, as an episode turned up as an extra on the ACE OF WANDS box set a while back, maybe it's not inconceivable that a Shadows set might arrive some time ...

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