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    Looking for"British Film Noir History" 90minute programme shown on BBC2 earlier this year.

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    I don't recall that show. Are you thinking of the British Film Forever! episode on crime and gangster films?

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    Not British but I thought this the most appropriate place to post that over Christmas BBC2 is running a late night Film Noir series of 9 examples of this black and white study in drama, photographic technique and dialogue style, including the introduction, so set the recorders for those US gems you have missed-- no adverts either, can't be bad.

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    name='D Cairns']I don't recall that show. Are you thinking of the British Film Forever! episode on crime and gangster films?

    Think this was another Matthew Sweet production - not the British Films Forever one - and it was on BBC4 a couple of times together with the usual BBC collection of film noirs (Build My Gallows High,The Big Combo - both of which are on again over the next week or so. Surely they must have more films than that ?).

    As for the documentary, afraid I didn't record it (which doesn't help you), but couldn't even watch it all the way through - the usual problem I have with MSweet.

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    The Matthew Sweet RULES OF FILM NOIR is on again tonight, or rather tomorrow morning, on BBC at 12.55am.

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