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    Quote Originally Posted by bassman View Post
    Also want to pay tribute to Peter Brayham the stuntman who worked in The Sweeney and loads of other shows/films.

    I know he died a while ago now, but R.I.P Peter.
    He has two obituary threads here:

    Mr. Peter Brayham

    Peter Brayham RIP

    I enjoyed Peter's contributions to The Sweeney box set, and also an archive interview with Eddie Powell on the To the Devil a Daughter DVD. Another stuntman I remember is Tip Tipping, who was only 34 when he died in February 1993.

    Four months later, I saw him for the first and only time on a show called Fantastic Facts, presented by Jonathan Ross, which Tip had filmed shortly before his fatal accident. The Daily Express archive has brought back a few memories - I do recall reading about the tragedy in this and particularly the Today newspaper (I bought all the nationals in those days) and Jonathan dedicating the opening episode to him. Surprised and delighted to have found this clip on YouTube. I never thought I'd see it again so am eternally grateful to the poster:

    Tip Tipping with Jonathan Ross

    Even from that short clip, you can tell he was a great character. Obviously a very sad loss to all who knew him. R.I.P.

    Joe Wadham

    Still know him best for ironically running over would-be killer Richard Shaw in the Ghost Squad episode Bullet with My Name On It (1961):

    The Austalian Women's Weekly, 11th September 1963

    Where else would I expect to find information on him?:

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    Yakima Canutt who lived to the age of 90 was surely one of the greatest.

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    Joe Wadham features in the opening titles of the first 3 series of The Sweeney and he's also the driver of the police Jag chasing the bad guys in the famous car chase in Robbery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christoph404 View Post
    And possibly the pinnacle of any stunt work must be to be involved in a Bond film, the late Bob Simmons doubled for Connery and choreographed all the fight scenes, technically he was also the first person to appear on the big screen as Bond, for it is he and not Connery who appears in the opening credit gun barrell sequence of the first three Bond films....and as Michael C would say.....not a lot of people know that!....
    Bob Simmons in From Russia with Love and Cinema (Daily Mirror, 18th November 1971):

    In the Anglia region, this was followed by a repeat of The Avengers episode Mission ... Highly Improbable.

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    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Paddy Ryan. Paddy used to frequent my Dad's pub in Hemel Hempstead. If I've attached the links correctly, the first photo is from " Ivanhoe" starring Robert Taylor. At that time it was the highest jump a stuntman had made. In the second photo, he jumps into the Pool of London for "A prize of gold", starring Richard Widmark, supposedly with pockets full of gold bars and stayed under 'til the ripples settled. He of course also stunted for The Avengers, and countless TV episodes of other dramas. He also broke his leg stunting for A E Matthews (Matty) for a foxhunting scene and I visited him In Hospital. R.I.P old friend Paddy.

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