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    This is one movie which I think is criminally underrated and Sheridan Morley of all people dismisses it in in his bio of David Niven. I think it is a first class 'oirish' comedy - it's even got Barry Fitzgerald in it. It's one of those comedy films that britain used to turn out only with a slightly more ecelectic cast than you might think - Niven over from Hollywood where his career was in the doldrums and Yvonne De Carlo in one of a series of british comedies (Captain's Paradise/Hotel Sahara) she was doing at the time and showing what a gifted comedienne she was. George Cole, A. E. Matthews and Joseph Tomelty give fine comic support and Mario Zampi directs with the same lightness of touch that he brought to so many british comedies of the time. There isn't a duff scene in the film and why it hasn't got a higher status is a mystery to me

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    ...Agreed. Theres even a small cameo appearance by Michael Martin-Harvey who was the only son of the celebrated edwardian actor Sir John Martin-Harvey. I have been intrigued by the location of the railway station used in the film - any thoughts?

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